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Let's Talk About Consent

It's not just about sex, It's about an internal assessment of self-worth

The Truth About Consent

"Yes means yes", or affirmative consent, is the standard for sexual consent adopted by most universities and many high schools. Affirmative consent requires that there is a freely given and clear "yes" during all matters of sex. Affirmative consent assumes that behind every "yes" is desire and the ability to say "no", but this is frequently untrue.  Fifty-five percent 1. of women say that they have agreed to have sex they didn't want and it can take until their late twenties or early thirties 2 to take full ownership of their sexuality. There are many social and psychological reasons 3 for consenting to unwanted sex, and it can have lifelong negative consequences. The truth is, the lived experience of consent is much more complicated than merely saying "yes". 

The Consent Project has been created to:

  • Educate girls of all ages on the complicated truth about sexual consent

  • Give girls the tools to build a consent plan that protects them from agreeing to sex they don't want 

  • Help parents prepare their daughters for the reality of the sexual world, and empower them to take control of their sexual experiences

  • Provide a resource for professionals who work with girls and women.

This site is dedicated to helping women of all ages learn to consent to sex on their own terms.

It's much more than yes.

True consent requires equal power.

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