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It's No Longer THE Talk-It's Just Talk

True sexual education is teaching our daughters how to navigate the emotional, social, and political world so that they feel empowered to make independent decisions. The systems that have been created to protect girls from harm are inadequate and unreliable. We need to arm our daughters with information that will help them feel positive 8 about their sexuality and protect them from coercion, discrimination, and violence.   

Talking to kids about sex is hard. If you start early by talking about the basics, the more complicated stuff comes more naturally. Here are some suggestions to make sex talk a normal part of your everyday life.

Why  talk about sex

If you don't talk to your daughter, who will? 

Dr. Elizabeth Schroeder talks about why to talk to your kids about sex
Why Talk About Sex
Dr. Michael Garbe Dr. Michael Garbe
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Dr. Michael Garbe on Adolescents and Porn
Dr. Elizabeth Schroeder
Sex Educator Expert

Empower Girls Through Each Developmental  Stage 

There is a wide range of normal sexual development and maturity in girls. The chart below takes into consideration girls' sexual environment. Anecdotally, girls report that they start getting sexual attention, seeing sexual images, and being in sexual conversations with their friends around age 10-12. This does not mean they are having sex at that age, but it does mean they are trying to make sense of sex, and we need to be there to help them.  


Gender Identity is Established


Relationships outside the family become important


Starting to build and express a  sexual identity


Sexual exploration experimentation and relationships 

Empower Girls To Be Independent and Self Expressed
Create An Open Dialogue
Talk about the Details 
Help Them Build a Sexual Identity
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